Who called you from unknown number

If you missed a call and the number is unknown on the screen, then through our service you can check who called you, what region and operator of the subscriber.

Nowadays, there are a lot of scammers and just unscrupulous people, and by leaving a response to the number, you are helping other people.

Recent comments:

scam about national insurance

Robo HMRC scam with threat of arrest regarding Nat Ins number etc.

silent call

Calling pretending to be from HMRC - saying there are 5 charges and I'll go to court and pay £20k in legal fees, be arrested and have my possession repossesed etc

Called back and gave different name and address and he read the exact same charges

Continuous calls from the company.

How they ever contracted mu contact number I do not know.


Received a text from this number claiming to be from O2 saying they are unable to process my bill. Funny how this is an EE phone number and the fact that my mobile number is not with O2 !

SCAM - Block number

Automated call asking me to press 1 and speak to an executive to get internet fixed

Called claiming to be national insurance

07904006661 said from NHS

pertaining to be from HMRC



Not sure, I was dead asleep when they called but I'm sure this same number called me years back pretending to be Vodafone. Props to them for continuing this crap for so long I guess?

Recorded female voice message. Claimed to be Amazon regarding my automatic subscription. Do not have an account with Amazon. Said to enter 1 on phone to speak to someone. I hung up

I have had 4 calls in the last two days and when I answer silent call.


washing machine insurance

Silent call

Cold call

Unknown number calling